With lives getting busier every day, people don't get enough time to relax. And without getting enough time to relax, people are more vulnerable to stress.

Relying on medication to relax can be risky because of the adverse side effects, which is why people look for safer and natural ways to relax themselves.

Experts say tea soothes a troubled mind. With the support of science and research, it's concluded that drinking tea reduces the harmful effects of stress. Stress hormone levels are likely to fall twice as much when you drink tea. Herbal teas made of ingredients such as Chamomile, Melissa, Tilio and Passion Flower are usually consumed for relaxation, mainly because they help the body relax and de-stress.

Chamomile tea has a soothing effect on the nerves because of the amino acid glycine which is present in the tea. It is frequently used to aid insomnia and other difficulties associated with sleep. It also has properties which help reduce the symptoms of depression, resulting in a more relaxed lifestyle.

Melissa tea, also referred to as lemon balm tea, is refreshing and calms the entire nervous system, while also being able to relieve headaches. Along with relieving headaches, it also improves mood.

Linden tea (a.k.a. Tilio tea) is good for combating sleepless nights. Tilio tea along with chamomile helps with preparing the body to relax so that you can sleep better. Drinking Tilio tea is a household remedy for nervousness, anxiety, insomnia and headaches.

The Passion Flower has naturally sedative properties, and is consumed traditionally to alleviate anxiety and enhance sleep. Passionflower tea also works effectively as an anxiety relieving medication used to promote calmness.

Most of these teas help you feel relax because of the affect the properties have on the nerves and nervous system.