Trying to have a healthy lifestyle amidst our busy lives can be tough sometimes, but you have to start somewhere. A good physical health is what keeps us going and helps us overcome challenges in our daily lives. Without health, you are limited to what you can do and achieve. So it is extremely important to maintain good physical health with the help of a nutrition-rich diet, physical activity and sufficient sleep on a regular basis.


  1. Before doing anything, you need set a growth mindset and be open to challenges you may face while trying to maintain good physical health. You must also understand the importance of health and why you need to incorporate a good health maintaining regime in your life.
  2. You will need to set aside some time (at least 45 minutes-1 hour) daily for physical activity. If you are someone who has a fixed schedule to follow and prefer to organize things then stick to a regular activity. This regular activity could be running, cycling, swimming done on a regular basis with no intervals. But if you are a spontaneous person and have a schedule that is always changing then it would be a better option to hit the gym. At the gym you will be able to spend more time and will have array of fitness activities to choose from. If you are unable to make time to head outside your home for exercise, then exercise at home. Follow workouts which can be done within the comfort of your home, there are many CD's, online regimes and books available which you can follow.
  3. Do your research, and find out which exercise regime would be the best and most convenient for you, some people have an inbuilt-gym in their apartments while other may have a gorgeous trail nearby their house. It's all about what is most convenient to you.
  4. Set SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) goals.
  5. In order to see progress, you need to be patient and also avoid the stop and start and stop again syndrome. Be consistent and stick to the plan you had initially designed for yourself. People take time to reach their goals based off what their goal is, what their diet is, how fast is their metabolism, how much rest they get and how much time they are spending exercising. Always keep in mind that everyone is different and you may or may not take longer than other to reach your goal, so give yourself time.
  6. If you can't start big then start small, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Track your steps with a pedometer (most smart phones usually have this installed) and aim for at least 10,000 steps a day.
  7. Cleaning up your diet can help you achieve your fitness goals faster. Eating healthier and eliminating junk are some of the ways you can clean up your diet. If you are trying to lose weight then eat foods high in protein and cut down on sugar and if you are trying to bulk up then increase your protein intake and consume complex carbohydrates after each meal. It all depends on the type of body you want to achieve through fitness. If you are just trying to be healthy, then it is best to follow a balanced diet.
  8. Drinking more water throughout the day (At least 8-10 glasses daily) can help with water retention. Drink water instead of sodas to avoid junk food consumption.
  9. If you exercise better with people, then consider joining a group while exercising. For example doing group yoga.
  10. Turn your chores into a workout. Do activities that burn your calories higher compared to others. Activities such as scrubbing the tub, vacuuming, or washing the car are great calorie burners. If you want your chores to be more challenging, then do some push ups or squats in a 5-7 minute interval.