We all want to be happy but how many of us actually do things to be happy? Doing the little things that make you happy really affects how content you are with yourself internally. Don't start your goal towards happiness with deep thinking. Instead, go with basic notions like going to sleep early or having a nice meal.

Also, because happiness is a positive attribute, it is important to release as much negativity as possible. When the negative energy is released there is more space for positivity to flow. An example of how to release negative energy would be venting out all your bad feelings before bedtime, so that you wake up with a positive mindset and a lighter heart. Expressing how you feel really helps with being happy because there are no trapped feelings within when you are releasing your emotions. Trapping negative emotions inside might contribute to the growth of negativity inside, making the chances of you experiencing happiness even lower when you can actually be happy. Psychologists who study happiness believe that it is possible for people to foster positive emotions such as empathy, serenity and gratitude.

Another option is to fake your happiness until you start feeling it. When you are low, force yourself to be cheerful so that happiness can dominate your feelings, and you will end up feeling happier.

Your surrounding plays a big role towards happiness, so choose to be in an environment surrounded by people that increase your likelihood towards happiness.

Treat yourself every now and then for getting through things like, a long day at work or a tough week at school or just a long day of chores. Treating yourself could be anything basic as mentioned earlier or something out of routine, like going to watch a movie on a weekday or having tea with a friend you haven't seen in a while. Treating yourself through busy times will keep you in balance with stress and happiness.