Detox is a process where you get rid of toxins from your system. We all need to detox because our system is filled with impurities and it is important to clean it out. Eating organic food that doesn't use pesticides to grow is a great way to detox but there is another way to doing it. Drinking herbal tea is another excellent way to detox naturally. So if you're wondering how herbal teas help detox the body, here's how.


  1. Some herbal teas have high levels of antioxidant compounds which help get rid of free radicals within the body.
  2. Some herbal teas are a powerful diuretic so the body will release toxins through the urine. Herbal teas such as burr tea are incredibly great for cleaning the blood and detoxifying the epidermal tissues of the body.
  3. The high levels of antioxidants are what play the role for improving liver function by elimination of toxins.